Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Standalone Sherpa 4.5.1 Released as Source Code (Bug Fixes for GCC, clang, Macports)

I have released the standalone version of Sherpa 4.5.1 at the Sherpa website:


And on github at the Sherpa repository:


As in past releases, the purpose is to allow Python users to install Sherpa as a Python module, without reference to any other CIAO package or program.

No new features have been added since the release of Sherpa 4.5.0. However, I have added bug fixes to allow Sherpa to build with GCC 4.7 and 4.8; with clang on OS X; and to install in /opt/local/lib for Macports.

These fixes were contributed by Tim van Werkhoven of Leiden University.

I release the source code tarball, sherpa-4.5.1.tar.gz, that contains all the Sherpa source code we released with CIAO 4.5, plus these latest bug fixes.  Release notes for the patch can be found at NOTES-4.5.1.txt; release notes for the original Sherpa 4.5.0 release can still be found at NOTES-4.5.0.txt

This is a minor release, to allow Sherpa to build with newer compilers.


  1. Sherpa does not install on a clean system with none of the astro-specific packages installed. It complains about the non-existence of _wcs, even though the wcs module should not have been built.

    This is a real pity. Honestly, we've been waiting long enough for the excellent fitting routines exposed by sherpa to become available for general use.

    1. Yes, we are working on this dependency.
      The import sherpa.astro.ui breaks if there is no _wcs installed. This is specific to astro package. However, you can import individual packages if you need a generic modeling and the following should work:

      import sherpa.ui
      import sherpa.stats
      import sherpa.optmethods

  2. We are working on the WCS issue and we will post a workaround soon, if not a new patched release of the standalone sherpa source code.