Friday, August 3, 2012

Standalone Sherpa 4.4.1 Released

I have released the standalone version of Sherpa 4.4.1 at the Sherpa website:

As in past releases, the purpose is to allow Python users to install Sherpa as a Python module, without reference to any other CIAO package or program.

I release the source code tarball, sherpa-4.4.1.tar.gz, that contains all the Sherpa source code we released with CIAO 4.4.1.  Release notes can be found at NOTES-4.4.1.txt.  The new version is also available at the cxcdev github repository for Sherpa.

This is a minor patch update.  I have added support for the XSPEC 12.7.1 libraries, and interfaces to seven new additive models.  The Sherpa 4.4.0 tarball is still available in the download directory.

I am also working on Mac disk images.  I am nearly done with them, thanks to input from Brian a little while back.