Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Standalone Sherpa 4.5.1 Released as Source Code (Bug Fixes for GCC, clang, Macports)

I have released the standalone version of Sherpa 4.5.1 at the Sherpa website:


And on github at the Sherpa repository:


As in past releases, the purpose is to allow Python users to install Sherpa as a Python module, without reference to any other CIAO package or program.

No new features have been added since the release of Sherpa 4.5.0. However, I have added bug fixes to allow Sherpa to build with GCC 4.7 and 4.8; with clang on OS X; and to install in /opt/local/lib for Macports.

These fixes were contributed by Tim van Werkhoven of Leiden University.

I release the source code tarball, sherpa-4.5.1.tar.gz, that contains all the Sherpa source code we released with CIAO 4.5, plus these latest bug fixes.  Release notes for the patch can be found at NOTES-4.5.1.txt; release notes for the original Sherpa 4.5.0 release can still be found at NOTES-4.5.0.txt

This is a minor release, to allow Sherpa to build with newer compilers.